GUAPA, out now.

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"A vibrant, wrenching debut novel...sensuous and caustic, full of smoke and blood."- The New Yorker

"A remarkable debut" - Huffington Post

"Haddad writes like an Arab Tennessee Williams, fuelled equally by rage and compassion." - Nick Seeley, Cambodia Noir

 "Engrossing and timely...a provocative new voice." - Randa Jarrar, Map of Home

"Those looking for a nuanced portrait of gay life in the modern Middle East will find plenty to admire."- Kirkuk Reviews

"Haddad maps postcolonial theory, post-revolutionary malaise, and post-outing upheaval onto your standard post-college, what-am-I-doing-with-my-life aimlessness, creating something wonderful and fascinating in the process."- Book Riot.

"Haddad's unwavering dedication to detail, narrative arc, and consequence make Guapa necessarily poignant, uncomfortable, and meaningful. Like all good art, it moves beyond itself to shine a light on the world it bears."- Pop Matters

"A striking look at gay life, the psychological cost of conformity, and what it means to be true to yourself."- Booklist

"Politically nuanced and romantically tender." - Next Magazine