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'Marco' is a short film written and directed by Saleem Haddad.

Omar lives a lonely life in London. He's been in the city for over a decade, and spends his days working and ignoring his mother's phone calls. One evening, he reaches for his phone and invites over a young man that catches his eye: a Spanish sex worker called Marco. But as their night together progresses, Omar gets much more than he paid for, as Marco's true story echoes across Europe, not to Barcelona, but to Damascus.

This is a story about modern-day London, about alienation and the search for intimacy. But it is also a story about Syria, about the refugee experience, and the pain of loss and exile. And it is a universal story of that most simple and intangible of desires: the need for human connection and the subtle, radical changes it can bring.

'Marco' was shot in London in April 2018, and will premiere later in 2018. For more information, visit Marco's Kickstarter and IMDB pages.

Producer: Jack Casey

Director of Photography: Deepa Keshvala

Cast: Zed Josef (Omar); Marwan Kaabour (Marco)